Fiji- Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston has left more than 40 people confirmed dead with some 14,000 people sheltering in 274 evacuation centers around Fiji. The UN reports that hundreds of homes and many schools and vital infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed. A nationwide curfew remains in place as emergency crews clear roads of downed trees, and restored power. Winds that reached 184 mph lashed the tiny island nation in the Pacific, felling trees, knocking out power and causing heavy flooding before it made landfall about 7pm. Saturday (2 am. ET) The worst of the storm has passed, and Fiji has started to assess and clean up the damage inflicted by the storm. Disaster Aid USA together with its international Rotary club partners, Disaster Aid Australia, Disaster Aid UK and Ireland, Disaster Aid

Disaster Aid Malaysia and Disaster Aid New Zealand are working to provide desperately needed aid to Fijians after the cyclone’s massive devastation. That includes liasing with our Rotary contacts and agencies in Fiji. Aid groups and government authorities are now racing to deal with the critical need for clean water, health supplies and emergency accommodations. Your donation will help Disaster Aid USA and its international partners in their respond with Family Survival Packs, Home Repair Kits and, most importantly SkyHydrant water purification systems and “Sawyer” water filters.

You can help during these times of desperate need. Donations large or small make a difference to someone or a family in despair. PLEASE DONATE