Bahamas Disaster Relief Update

About three months have passed since Hurricane Dorian gave a crushing blow to the Bahamas and the Ocracoke Island of North Carolina. The media coverage has decreased; but the Bahamians still need financial and material help; and the people of Ocracoke Island, which has been closed to the tourists, need urgent rebuilding assistance.

Disaster Aid USA had two deployments simultaneously to provide urgently needed relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. In the Bahamas, since September 21, 2019, 170 family tents have been installed with bed rolls, and hygiene products. Each tent with these items can house up to eight family members. We also provided 100 FEMA approved 20 x 25′ tents, 40 two-gallon gravity system sawyer filters with two-gallon bladders, multiple in-line water filters which filter 200,000 liters per day, and 300 solar lights. We are entering the rebuilding and recovery phase and will continue to work local Rotary clubs, charities and other agencies to meet specific needs in the coming 6 months.

Projects we are investigating are schools, teacher and survivors home rebuilding while meeting new building codes, including clean water and medical issues to name just a few. You may be aware that 170,000 people have been displaced in the Bahamas, so more tents are urgently needed. Disaster Aid USA is asking for donations, donors can “adopt a family tent” so that a displaced family can live in the tent until permanent housing could be built.

A $500 donation will provide a family a eight person tent with solar lights. At the North Carolina front, DAUSA worked closely with DG Tracey Ivey of Rotary district 7720 to provide relief to the disaster victims of Ocracoke island in the Outer Banks. The “Mucking and Gutting is completed” Now the need is rebuilding assistance.

Here’s how you can help the victims of Hurricane Dorian: PLEASE DONATE HERE.

You can also mail a check to Disaster Aid USA at 9817 Lanham Severn Road, Lanham, MD 20706 earmark for “Hurricane Dorian”.

Disaster Aid USA thanks its donors for past support of disaster relief. Most of all “Thank You” for your belief in who we are and what we do.

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