Disaster Aid USA is a Domestic & International Disaster/Crisis Relief NGO

Rebuilding Communities, Together.

Our Success

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Volunteers are the backbone of the work Disaster Aid USA performs in the U.S. and abroad. We are always actively looking for new volunteers to perform varied tasks depending on the disaster.

Pakistan Flooding Relief Efforts

1/3 of Pakistan is underwater and 33 million displaced, 16 million children. We are in touch with our local contacts who we helped during the 2010 floods. They are giving us a current current needs assessment and Dausa will responding. Donate any amount to help.

How We Help

Disaster Aid USA (DAUSA) began with one Rotary Club’s Vision to nurture Rotary’s Dream of a world absent of pain and suffering by providing humanitarian aid when Domestic and International disasters strike. DAUSA is a Rotary project, and it is open to all U. S. Rotary Districts, their clubs and their members.

DAUSA goal is to build a significant humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate relief to those victims when disasters strike. DAUSA is not a First Responder.

Our Team

Disaster Aid USA, INC. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Washington, DC on 6/18/2010. We have received our 501(c)3 status as a public non-profit. All donations to DAUSA are tax deductible. DAUSA was established by the former ShelterBox USA team in Central Maryland/Washington DC


Ambassadors are our link to the public. They make presentations, table at events, and are our most valued partners. If you have the time and a desire to help survivors of disasters, please consider joining the team as an Ambassador.

Aid Relief Solutions

A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives. All products contained in our box meet and exceed UN and Sphere standards and have innovative differences. For ease of transport and maneuverability, the box has wheels and a handle.


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