Haiti and The Bahamas- Hurricane Matthew

Our teams are on the ground now in the Bahamas and Haiti!

Disaster Aid International in Kenscoff, Haiti with Rotary District 7020 Disaster Team passing out Sawyer Family Filters attached to Rotary branded buckets. Much is needed and little has been received. Will be working in both the WASH and Shelter committees.

     DAUSA is asking you to brown-bag it for lunch one day and then donate $15 to have a water filter and bucket delivered to Haiti to stop cholera, dysentery and other water borne diseases After Hurricane Matthew.

One filter = 300 gallons of clean water a day for a family. These filters are usually 50 to 70 dollars (matching donations are making this possible.) You truly will be saving lives!

Through their relationship with Rotary Bahamas, Disaster Aid USA (DAUSA) was asked to come to The Bahamas to provide high quality, long term, shelter tents. The volunteers are currently in North Andros and can respond to other areas interested in this type of assistance.
DAUSA initially sent 43 tents and 2 volunteers to The Bahamas. The first set of tents have been allocated to North Andros. An additional 50 shelters are en route to Nassau and will be sent to the area with the greatest need. The DAUSA volunteers boarded the mailboat Lady Rosalind II Wednesday evening. They look forward to meeting with their ground team in Andros to prepare for distribution and set-up of the shelters.

Watch this brief interview of one DART team in the Bahamas!


We need your help to continue to deliver this life saving equipment and support to the victims of Hurricane Matthew! Please donate to the relief effort now!