West Virginia – Flooding

Thousands of homes and businesses across this mountainous state were damaged or destroyed when up to 9 inches of rain fell causing perhaps the worst flooding West Virginia has seen in three decades. More than 400 people are now living in shelters statewide and more than 24 people lost their lives as a result of the flooding.DAUSA is working with Rotarians in Districts 7620 (MD & DC), and  7530 and 7550 (WV) to assist in relief efforts for the thousands of persons affected by the devastating flooding in West Virginia.  We are entering our first phase of support.PHASE 1: DAUSA Ambassador Russ Koon will be deploying to Cowen, WV on June 29, 2016 to support District 7550 volunteers engaged in cleanup efforts.  Russ will be bringing our first Disaster Relief Trailer to Cowen stocked with food and water supplies to support the volunteer efforts.  Russ will be deployed for two days and will be arranging for our second wave of volunteers and trailer number two to arrive on scene on July 2, 2016.  We are assembling a team of volunteers (10-15) to assist in cleanup efforts and are expected to be in place a minimum of two days.  Trailer number two is stocked with debris removal equipment and our solar powered water wagon.  During this initial deployment DAUSA will be making arrangements for the second phase of our deployment.  We have registered with the state VOAD (Volunteer Organization Aiding Disaster) and are in contact with the local emergency management offices to identify additional unmet needs that DAUSA can commit its resources.

If you can help, please donate here or checks may be sent to:Disaster Aid USA, 9817 Lanham Severn Road Lanham, MD 20706.Please earmark your donations for WV Flood Relief.If you are interested in showing support in other ways, please send inquiries to:Chairman Bob Grill- bob.grill@disasteraidusa.org,Vice President William DuBoyce – billydubes@hotmail.comAmbassador Paul Mahata – pmahata@verizon.net

Title picture credit: abcnews.go.com