West Virginia – Flooding Update 2

Rebuilding After The Flooding on June 23-24, 2016

Global warming is increasing the number and severity of storms, evidenced by the June 23, 2016 historic flooding in West Virginia’s 8 declared disaster area counties (Kanawha, Greenbriar, Nicholas, Clay, Fayette, Monroe, Roane and Sumner). 24 people died and 1,200 homes were devastated. Media has turned to other stories but there is a continuing critical need to re-build flood ravaged communities before the cold weather. Many community members lost everything. Flood victims have received FEMA help but much help is still needed to rebuild flood affected communities.

These weather disaster events are turning Americans’ attention to the importance of communities helping communities. The task of rebuilding destroyed West Virginia communities will fall to charitable organizations and other communities’ help.

Disaster Aid USA is in communication with the Rebuilding Programs Command Center in Richwood, WV organizing its team from Maryland to deploy to WV on Saturday July 30 transporting supplies and volunteers to work in the “Rebuilding Program” in WV. Disaster Aid USA focuses on “Americans helping Americans”.

If individuals want to be involved as a Volunteer with Disaster Aid USA, they need to be at least 18 years of age, have strong backs. to aid in the “rebuilding effort”. As a Volunteer of Disaster AID USA volunteers must report to Disaster USA AID Coordinators before they go to West Virginia. willing to spend a weekend or more in WV flood ravaged communities. Volunteers are provided insurance, food and housing. Sometimes housing is sleeping on a gymnasium floor, other times a hotel or motel room, if available. Volunteers travel with Disaster Aid USA Coordinators or follow driving their own vehicles to WV.

Donations are used to deploy, gas for the trailer to transport supplies to WV, food for flood victims and volunteers, building supplies and equipment to help WV communities rebuild, and funds for hotel or motel rooms for volunteers.

Disaster Aid USA welcomes donations HERE

Or checks can be sent to:

Disaster Aid USA, 9817 Lanham Severn Road, Lanham, MD 20776

Earmark for WV Flood Relief.

Volunteer Support:

Send Volunteer inquiries to:

Disaster Aid USA Chairman: Bob Grill at: bob.grill@disasteraidusa.org;

VP William DuBoyce at: billydubes@hotmail.com;

Vice Zone 33 Director Paul Mahata at: Pmahata@verizon.net