The British Virgin Islands- Hurricane

Dan Crawford, a DAUSA DART (Disaster Aid Response Team) is in The British Virgin Islands (BVI) and is doing an assessment at the request of several Rotary Clubs. DAUSA continues to help those affected by last years hurricanes and help them be ready for this hurricane season. Dan is working on details of new projects in this area. From Dan, “The hurricanes that hit the British Virgin islands have been devastating all though power and water have been resumed, the rebuilding will take years. I am currently in the BVI accessing hurricane damage on behalf of Disaster Aid USA and the Tortola Rotary Clubs. I hope to accomplish identifying the immediate and most pressing needs for housing. I have met with Rotarians who are committed to service above self and together we can get the job done. These are just a few pictures of the area I am in. I will post more as the week progresses.”

We thank Dan for his commitment as a DART and for the great work he is helping with. If you would like to support the work DAUSA is doing in The British Virgin Islands, please donate here.