Louisiana – Flooding

Over 20,000 people rescued, over 100,000 homeless in one parish alone, over 12,000 people currently in emergency shelters. Disaster Aid USA has several crews on the ground working with the local […]

Fort Bend County, Texas – Flooding

DAUSA Zone 21b will be helping the Ft.Bend county recovery process. Buddy Jones will wire and get all the communications on board as the county looks to set up a 3.5 […]

Ecuador- Earthquake Update 1

Disaster Aid USA (DAUSA) is a member of the over-arching body, Disaster Aid International (DAI) which has associates – like us, as projects of a Rotary Club(s) – in many […]

West Virginia – Flooding Update 1

DISASTER AID USA IS RESPONDING! Disaster Aid USA Ambassador from Morgan Town WVA Russell Koon with his wife Lois, working with Rotarians from District 7550 have been at the Glades […]

West Virginia – Flooding Update 2

Rebuilding After The Flooding on June 23-24, 2016 Global warming is increasing the number and severity of storms, evidenced by the June 23, 2016 historic flooding in West Virginia’s 8 […]

West Virginia – Flooding

Thousands of homes and businesses across this mountainous state were damaged or destroyed when up to 9 inches of rain fell causing perhaps the worst flooding West Virginia has seen […]

Ecuador- Earthquake Assessment

The earthquake that hit Ecuador on 16 April resulted in 660 deaths and injured approximately 4,600 people. The most severe damage was concentrated in the North west; in Manabí Province […]

Texas – Heavy Rains and Flooding

In the early hour of Monday April 18th, the Houston metro area awoke to 20 inches of rain that resulted in massive evacuations and rescues. Rainfall came down at rates […]

Fiji- Cyclone Winston Update 2

On March 24th and 28th, the DART team successfully completed two deployments of shelter repair kits to the first group of 4 villages on their deployment plan. The have also […]

Fiji- Cyclone Winston Update 1

Our Disaster Aid Response Team (DARTs) is now in place in Fiji. Howard Bradfield (Australia) was the first to arrive followed by Team Leader Peter Hazell (UK), Steve Lister ( […]