Disaster Aid USA (DAUSA) began with one Rotary Club’s Vision to nurture Rotary’s Dream of a world absent of pain and suffering by providing humanitarian aid when domestic disasters strike. DAUSA is a Rotary project, and it is open to all U. S. Rotary Districts, their clubs and their members.

DAUSA goal is to build a significant humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate relief to those victims when disasters strike. DAUSA is not a First Responder. Its role is “Mucking and Gutting”, tarping roofs, chain-sawing, debris removal, helping prep meals, cooking, etc. DAUSA prides itself on being transparent, accountable with the objects of Rotary as its Foundation. And we as Rotarians can deliver humanitarian aid effectively to world’s best practice with Rotary’s values seen for these actions on the world’s stage. With this vision in place this American Rotary Club project has evolved.

DAUSA focuses on rebuilding communities by assessing their needs.  Securing and delivering the aid by its Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs), while working with the people suffering from the effects caused by the disaster.



DAUSA is a 501-c-3 registered charity incorporated in Washington, D.C on June 12, 2010 (The capital of the United States). DAUSA is primarily partnered and supported by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs. However we welcome supports from non-Rotarians, businesses, community and church groups throughout the United States.

The board is made up of officers & directors (all Rotarians); and there are maximum 20 advisors,1/3 of the advisors can be non-Rotarians.



DAUSA’s Domestic Program has trained response teams throughout the US. When a disaster occurs, and DAUSA responds, it immediately contacts the effected local authorities and VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) to report its team and their capabilities (depending on the team members going). DAUSA also immediately contacts the affected Rotary District and clubs to report its team, its capabilities and to seek Rotary volunteers.

DAUSA has purchased and stocked Disaster Relief trailers throughout the United States to provide the needed aid immediately and more effectively. Each of the U.S. Rotary Zones will ultimately have a minimum of one trailer, with each Rotary zone supporting each other as and when needed, if disaster strikes.

DAUSA trailers are dispatched along with its Response Team (trained Rotarians and non-Rotarian volunteers). The trailers also serve as a mobile base of operations. Zone trailers contain items tailored to a specific area or Rotary zone depending on the disasters that normally occur in that area or Rotary zone.

Following is a typical list of the tools and equipment and other items stocked in each trailer: 18-inch chainsaw ($299), 24-inch chain saw ($499), Pole saw ($179, Small hand-held sledge Hammer ($20), Large sledge hammer ($30), Large wedge ($10), Log jack ($35), 2-rakes $50), Axe ($30), Bush Axe ($35), Wheelbarrow ($100), 4-sets of Safety Gear Chaps, Hard hat/ face shield. ($235), 1 Large & 2 small first aid kits ($200), 2 -2.5-gallon Gas cans ($30), 5-5-gallon Gas cans ($150), 20-Family water filters ($920), Large building water filter ($700),1-150-gallon Heavy duty food   bladder ($250), 3-30-gallon food grade Water bladders ($225), 10-Tarps ($220), 12-Pairs of work gloves ($135), 4-foldable army cots ($240), 2-2500 watts to 5000 watts Generators ($750), 2-Fans ($120), Folding canopy ($50), 1-6-foot Plastic table ($50), 1-48-quart) Ice chest ($40), 1-(100 quart) Ice chest ($70), 1-Computer printer ($50), 2 – 50-foot Extension cords ($100), 2 – Surge protected power strips ($40), 1 -2-burner multi fuel stove ($70), 5-Day food supply for 4-men ($150) (dehydrated).  The empty trailer costs $5,000 and a fully equipped trailer costs $12,000.



DAUSA works closely with fellow Rotarians. The Rotary network is the underpinnings in DAUSA’s whole disaster/deployment structure. It provides the effectiveness of the network of LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, who share the same vision to build up a significant disaster relief program managed and run by American Rotarians.

DAUSA Rebuilds communities together and most importantly, DAUSA provides highly skilled and resourceful Response teams (Rotarians and non-Rotarians) on the ground who understand how the domestic aid business works, as well as the personal attributes to work closely with Rotarians, Rotary clubs, and other organizations, such as Operation Blessing, Crises Cleanup, Baptist Disaster Relief, Team Rubicon, and other organizations active in disasters.



For the last 8 years, DAUSA has deployed to tornados in Missouri and Arkansas, to Hurricane Isaac, and Super- storm “Sandy”, to Tornado in Moore OK, to South Carolina flooding, to Texas Tornado, to Texas flooding, West Virginia flooding and Louisiana flooding, to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, to Ellicott City (MD) flooding, and to the most recent Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and to the Tornado in Mt. Airy, MD.



Disaster Aid USA encourages Rotary Districts in the United States to support DAUSA’s core principles, using volunteers and funding, in accomplishing domestic disaster relief goals.

How can a District become involved in DAUSA?

  • Adopt and support DAUSA as one of its district projects.
  • Adopt DAUSA’s principles to Guide Disaster Preparedness Activities in its district and in the USA.
  • Appoint a District Disaster Relief Chair whose goal is to oversee and develop disaster relief activities in his/her district in coordination with DAUSA.
  • District Disaster Relief Chair is encouraged to share disaster relief activities with DAUSA on a regular basis or when disaster strikes in his/her district.
  • District is encouraged to maintain a domestic disaster trailer stocked with tools and equipment, ready to respond when disaster strikes, in coordination with DAUSA.

Disaster Aid USA (DA USA) is Rotarian operated project and a 501-c3 non-profit charity, incorporated in the District of Columbia. As a club project, its clubs goals and objectives are to promote and create awareness, raise funds and provide financial support for its primary mission: To provide immediate disaster relief and humanitarian aid at home, here in the US and worldwide to those victims suffering from the effects of disasters natural or man-made while using Rotary’s guiding principles and according to its Rotary 4 way test, while adhering to United Nation and Sphere Standards.

The Rotary Club of Historic Prince George’s Co, Maryland’s Club President Mary Dudley and the clubs board members adopted and approved Disaster Aid USA as the Clubs signature project on the 15th of July, 2010.

Warehousing- All aid for the Family Survival Box are sourced and warehoused in Shanghai, China and deployed from China. When a disaster calls for further aid solutions, those needs are sourced from a number of locations throughout the world.

The Humanitarian Aid Package- The Family Survival Box contains the basic living supplies of shelter, water and light. These basic aid components are contained in a durable mobile multi-use box container with wheels and a pull out handle for ease of transportation. The tent exceeds UN and SPHERE standards and is highly adaptable. The tent was designed by an experienced DART Team Leader based on his experiences in the field. The tent is equipped with three separate living areas, each with its own entry with privacy and mosquito screening. The tent material is 210D Oxford tent material with a waterproofing factor of PU4000mm and silver coated UV50 protection. This combination of materials is durable yet lightweight. The front walls and side doors of the tent can be extended and connected to other tents. Pods of four tents can be connected and used as first aid stations or other purposes where a larger compound is needed.

Disaster Aid International (DAI) Delivers-  DAI has successfully delivered aid in active war zones and disaster zones with deployments carried out by highly trained Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) members. DAI has more than 50 DARTs, Rotarians and non Rotarians actively involved throughout the world.

Administration- The Chairman of the Board of DAI, David Langworthy, lives in Melbourne, Australia, where DAI is headquartered, is a dedicated Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. Davids background is in international management and marketing and recently has gained significant experience in the non-profit sector. He is also a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

Accountability and Reporting- Each DAI partner must report to each other quarterly with a complete set of financial documents including a balance sheet. In return, DAI issues similar reports to each partner organization quarterly. Each partner organization and DAI must produce and circulate a comprehensive Annual Report to all stakeholders within four months of the close of the Rotary year.

The Disaster Aid International Board- The DAI Board is made up of two directors from each country (DA USA, DA Australia, DA UK & Ireland, DA Malaysia and DA New Zealand) following a disaster, the board members deliberate via telephone conference and discusses deploying to that disaster.