Flood in Knoxville, Maryland: DAUSA and DRCom assessed the May flood damage of two family farms in the Brunswick area of Frederick County, Maryland. On August 25, a team of twelve volunteers (Rotarians and Non-Rotarians) performed relief work there. Large trees have fallen and some fdencing damage has occurred along the Israel Creek. Volunteers from Brunswick and Carroll Creek Rotary Clubs will be joining the DAUSA DARTs (Disaster Aid Response Teams) to help the farm families.


Flood Relief in Ellicott City, Maryland: DAUSA and DRCom appreciated the help of the volunteers (Rotarians and their friends) in the first and second deployments at Ellicott City on June 16 and July 1. The third deployment on July 21 for Ellicott City was called off due to schedule conflicts with the affected business owner. The town is now beginning to recover. One US Senate Committee and two Maryland Senators met at the town to devise a permanent plan for flood protection. DAUSA remains ready to provide help with further clean up as soon as contacted by the local VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) and if the need arises.


Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia: A recent earthquake on an islandnear Bali has destroyed most of the infrastructure and killed over 7- people. The government has declared an emergency and is solicitng help. Disaster Aid Australia, the international partner of DAUSA, has sent a team to assess the damage and the nature of help needed by the quake victims. Financial help and tents are in dire need at this time.


Flood in Kerala, India: DAUSA and DRCom are partnering with Disaster Aid International (DAI) to raise funds to help the flood victims in Kerala. Monsoon rain in mid-August has caused severe flooding, resulting in 350+ deaths and displacing more than 800,000 people. Rotary clubs in the Kerala state (District 3201) are coordinating the relief work there. DAUSA had previously sent 200 tents and some emergency supplies for an earlier flood event and the unused tents will be deployed with the help of the Indian Red Cross Service (IRCS).

If you can, please donate here online, or sent a check to:

Disaster Aid USA

9817 Lanham Severn Road

Lanham, Maryland 20706

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