Clean water, a basic need, a major problem, an easy solution!

DAUSA plans to install a large Sawyer inline filter system in the schools incoming water pipe and provide the whole school with clean water, not just a clean water station, but clean water everywhere! The filter will last for years and only needs to be back flushed to clean.

Schools in the community of Omoa, Honduras teach children the basics and even vocational skills to help them get a job. What they do not have is a basic human right, clean water. Water borne diseases keep children from attending class and create long term health issues. Disaster Aid USA spent a week testing the water and meeting with the Mayor and government officials to get a proper understanding of the problem. DAUSA also met with principals and teachers and a had a large parent meeting. Parasites, dysentery and sanitation solutions were discussed.

Only $2000 per school will provide years of clean water. The filters clean 200,000 liters per day and DAUSA will also be installing a clean water spout at a location for the surrounding community to use!

Please click here to help us donate to this amazing campaign to raise enough money to provide life saving clean water to schools in the community of Omoa, Honduras!

  • Published: 1 year ago on November 28, 2017
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