Disaster Aid USA’s Mission in Texas, Louisiana and Florida.


  • Pre-storm filled sandbags (too many to count) and delivered to houses in need in several areas of Texas and Louisiana.
  • During the storm, DAUSA was present and an active member of all homeland security and emergency management meetings (invitation only meetings).
  • Mayors, parish, County administration and emergency personnel know who Disaster Aid USA and Rotary are and their ability to respond.
  • Directly after storm and partially still during storm, Louisiana response boat went to Orange Texas and Katy Texas to help with recovery of people and animals from the flood waters. Carried children through flood waters and taking boat loads to evacuee centers.
  • Arranged and helped managed several distribution points for intake and distribution of supplies.
  • Handed out over 1000 Sawyer Filters (Donated by Sawyer!) to families without water (huge thanks to the Beaumont Texas Rotarians).
  • Distributed 1400 lbs of mosquito lotion and spray repellent, (donated by Sawyer) and being distributed by Beaumont area Rotarians.
  • Chainsaw crews cleared roads and then helped to gut houses. They also cleared several large drainage ditches with trees blocking flow.
  • Arranged for over 30 volunteers to set up shelters and help with intake of evacuees.
  • 3 teams were gutting houses in the Houston area.
  • 1 team in Orange Texas and 1 team in Southwest LA were gutting houses.
  • DAUSA’s commercial house drying unit went from house to house after gutting. This was donated by a Rotarian form California we met at the Atlanta Rotary International Convention.
  • Some teams are using large dehumidifiers and fans to dry houses after gutting, while other teams are spraying mold killing agents.
  • Another California Rotarian drove a 4×4 Suburban and a trailer cross country loaded with supplies and now has donated the 4×4 Suburban to DAUSA and will fly (incredible gifts from Rotarians a 1000 miles away).
  • DAUSA’s Executive Director (Larry Agee) arranged a district 6200 (South Louisiana) work day in the Beaumont TX Area in coordination with their District to get as many teams in the field as possible.


  • DAUSA has tents in the Bahamas pre-positioned ready to send out where Barry Rassin sees the need form his local Rotarians assessment. DAUSA is in the email loop on their assessment.
  • DAI countries starting an email and fundraising campaign for Irma.
  • Shelter Kits and tarps (4x 6 meters) and tools are located in Panama when and if they are needed.
  • Waiting on assessment but have availability of Sawyer filters.
  • West Virginia’s Zone 33’s Disaster Response Trailers left Sunday (9/17) for Bonita Springs, FL to work with District 6960 in the districts recovery efforts.
  • Meeting with 6960 Rotary leaders to assess our resources and the action plan.
  • Chainsaw crews cleared a trailer park of fallen trees and covered damaged trailer roof with traps.
  • The cleanup, repairs and rebuilding will be needed for many months.


The mission continues in Florida, Texas and Louisiana. There are thousands of homes to gut, dry and spray for mold. This will move fast with so many different volunteers helping from different NGOs and Churches.


If you can, please donate what you can afford to help us continue to help those in need.


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