In June 2017, thirty three thousand international Rotarians joined together in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate the power of Rotary. Disaster Aid International was a main feature of the conference with many volunteers coming from Disaster Aid USA.

The conference celebrated peace, progress, and the great works of Rotary International throughout the world. The ending of global polio was highlighted as one of the greatest achievements of Rotary International, with a keynote address by Bill Gates.

Hundreds of Disaster Aid International supporters came by our booths to show their support for our cause and to help raise awareness and money for future disasters.

At the conference, Disaster Aid USA brought a domestic response trailer, a solar powered water wagon, and many examples of the disaster family box.

Thank you to the many volunteers who spent their days at the Disaster Aid USA booth, sharing the good work of Disaster Aid USA and their personal experiences in the organization. Disaster Aid USA is completely volunteer based and your support and efforts are what keeps us getting stronger year after year.

Thank you very much and we will see you at the next Rotary International Conference in 2018 in Toronto, Canada!