Disaster Aid USA’s Executive Director Kenneth Larry Agee was on the ground with a team of Disaster Response Rotarians and non-Rotarian volunteers in Rowlett, TX on January 1st with one of Disaster Aid USA’s Domestic Disaster Response Trailers. Accompanied by a team to assist in such tasks as downed tree removal, debris removal, clean-up, point of distribution management POD and volunteer management as instructed by local authorities.

Rowlett Property Assessments: To date, there have been 1145 homes and businesses impacted by the storm. Out of the 1110 homes impacted, 159 were totally destroyed, 311 had major damage and will need to be demolished, 434 are damaged but habitable, and 206 had minimal damage. Out of the 35 businesses impacted, 3 were totally destroyed, 8 had major damage and are structurally unsound, 5 had minor damage but were habitable and 19 had minor damage.



Disaster Aid USA’s mission is to provide immediate Disaster Relief and Humanitarian aid, domestic and international (worldwide) to those victims suffering from its effects, utilizing Rotary’s guiding principles and Rotary’s 4 Way Test while adhering to United Nation and Sphere Standards.



An aerial image taken Sunday, December 27, 2015 shows the path of a tornado through Garland, Texas. Violent storms ripped through the North Texas area late Saturday, spawning tornadoes that killed 11 people. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)


A string of homes along the east side of Oceanport Dr. took a heavy hilt from the tornado. The George Bush Toll-road exit from Interstate 30 is seen in the background. Several people died on the interstate when the tornado passed over. Scores of volunteers descended on the tornado ravaged neighborhood to assist in the cleanup following an EF-4 tornado which tore a path through the community south of Interstate 30 and the George Bush Toll-road in Garland, Texas, Wednesday, December 30, 2015. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)


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