Vanuata, Our Work Continues

April 21, 2015

Disaster Aid USA with our International Rotary Club partners in Australia, UK and Ireland and Malaysia continue “rebuilding communities………..together”.

A report from Howard Bradfield, DAI’s Disaster Aid Response Team Leader:

Today was a day to catch up on paperwork and emails. I was unable to get a vehicle today and was advised that this was Family Day and for many of the locals/volunteers this has been the first day off since Pam.

I have received a request asking for assistance for a school near Teouma Bull. Their present need is for a tent ASAP and probably a Rotary Club Project to rebuild their school. After assessing the need, the area and their resources for the price of flying in one tent DAI could hire and operate a saw mill for a day. A better use of donations, while using local resources and stimulating the economy by putting people back to work. A DAI solution for more permanent rebuilding of shelter and homes in a shorter time. “FLEXIBILITY AND CREATIVITY IN AID”.

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A $75.00 donation provide a family 99.7% bacteria free water!

I had organized Sawyer filters to go into Nguna Island tomorrow however the boat trip has been cancelled due to bad weather. We have rescheduled for Wednesday, Nguna has a population of about 1000 in 7 villages. They have 70 tanks and would like filters on all of them. Traditionally they harvest drinking water from the roofs. There appears to still be an issue with harvested drinking water making people sick.


I will also take filters to Emao Island. These islands have been in the newspapers here as they have not received enough aid. I will be traveling with the food aid distribution to these islands. Although the Ni- Vans are angry with the government for not providing aid I believe DAI will be well received.

The plan for Monday is to organize the saw mill to cut and size lumber. I will be using fundstopurchasenewblades,asharpenerand newchainsawblades.Theownerof the mill has asked for these items and the need is present.

The next thing is to follow up on the placement of our Sky-hydrants. I have Richard Tatwin, Grassroots RC working on that we can fit them to the largest village in Vanuatu. There is now a detailed survey of the communities on the East Coast that still need sawyer filters so I hope to deliver some of them tomorrow also.


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Earlier Progress:

Disaster Aid International (DAI) continues, on our donors behalf, providing humanitarian aid in Vanuatu following the death and destruction left by Cyclone Pam. As DAI continues its efforts, there is an immediate need for funds to continue to aid and rebuild.

Our team of volunteers in Vanuatu has now distributed a number of home repair kits, which were purchased locally to boost the local economy. When Cyclone Pam hit some weeks ago, many lost all their possessions and belongings- houses, fishing boats, clothing. Rebuilding after a major disaster is very difficult, even for a population as resilient as that of Vanuatu.


In Vanuatu, under half of the rural population has access to safe drinking water. To combat this, DAI has also distributed individual water filters, yet the needs are still great. Over the coming weeks we will keep working with the people of Vanuatu to assist with the challenge of having access to clean water.


Please Help!

Your donation large or small makes a difference in the lives of those suffering from the effects of Cyclone Pam.


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