Deployment of 100 tents in Jamunaphanta

Deployment of 100 tents in Jamunaphanta,  Bardiya district


10_08 Nepal landslide map



Disaster Aid Internatiional has nearly completed  the deployment of 100 tents in the village of Jamunaphanta,  near Baniabhar in the Bardiya district of Nepal.  The area around Baniyabhar was one of the areas most affected by the 14 August floods.




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Around 90% of the households either lost their  house and/or all their possessions.  The houses were made of bamboo, straw and mud and were either swept away with the flood or subsequently collapsed following saturation with water. Up until this time, the families have had to make do with very makeshift shelters made from tarpaulins.




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The community in Jamunaphanta village is amongst the poorest in Nepal, being made up of the Tharu and Nepal tribes. It was only in 2000 that these communities were finally  released from bonded labour.  Fortunately, the flood hit at 6 am which meant that people were able to escape the floods by climbing trees or the roofs of buildings but they had to wait for a whole day before it was safe to come down.   Being a poor area,  deployment of the tents was complicated by the very poor condition of the roads which also hampered the distribution of food aid during the early stages of this disaster.


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In Jamunaphanta,  the tents were distributed to the 67 families who completely lost their houses and the rest to those whose houses were badly damaged.




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Disaster Aid International would like to thank local members of a number of Rotary clubs in Nepal for their  help with the distribution of the tents. A special thank you is also due to the police force (APF) who provided both  security during the distribution as well as help putting up the tents and training local members of the community. 


As Ed Cox said


“It was a really positive experience working with the APF, they are a great asset to delivering aid into remote areas where man power is key”