b3883a34-39e9-359f-b79e-a835f92460aa  TEAM DAUSA is deploying to Oklahoma to help the survivors of this horrific F-4 tornado.  At this time we know whole communities have been wiped out and at least 51 dead with school children among the them, as two schools were totally destroyed.  Response Team members from Louisiana and Texas are preparing to leave for affected towns.    During hurricane Isaac the team provided water filtration systems , debris removal, mental health counseling  , ham radio access and incident command support.  Please donate to any amount to help our team help the survivors and first responders.

Sunday 5/26

Team DASUA is currently working with Serve Moore Organization which is a partnership between 5 churches. ( http://www.servemoore.com/ )  The city has been divided in to 10 zones for aid organization purposes.  Serve Moore is strategically working with the City of Moore to man and direct aid in these zones and supply the volunteers to accomplish the mission.  Team DAUSA has been helping in 3 capacities’.  The first is we have a chainsaw and debris removal team at their disposal and have been deployed to 4 different zones in 2 days to help fill gaps in their need.  They cut  the trees and debris into small pieces so it can be removed by hand as equipment such and bobcats and excavators are hard to allocate to every area.
The debris is moved to the side of the street for removal by government contractors.  You can go to our Facebook page and our website to see photos of the damage and our teams at work.  https://www.facebook.com/DisasterAidUSA  ,   https://disasteraidusa.org/    The pictures will go up on Facebook first as I can do that from the field, and as I have time back in the dorm room I will add to the website, They are under the feature story on the first page.
The second capacity is that we have been helping Serve Moore  move supplies and personnel form zone to zone to keep the flow of aid from bottlenecking.
    The third capacity is that Serve Moore, after learning of our qualifications and experience asked  Team DAUSA to  help coordinate the zones. We started with assessing  each zone and interview the zone captains of their needs to be successful and then reconed  the neighborhood in truck and on foot.  We ended up consolidating several zones as some had little need but an excess of supplies and extremely busy zones were running out.  Personnel and aid were quickly redistributed.  We continue to operate in this manner and offer advice as we assess each zone each day.  Our debris removal team is acting like a strike team and redeploying where the need is greatest and then ready to move to another zone.  They have also manned PODs (Points of Distribution) for Serve Moore.   Yesterday we spent the afternoon surveying a neighborhood and interviewing the  homeowners of their needs and turning in reports for volunteers and the equipment needed to accomplish each task the homeowners need.  These teams will be disbursed today.
Thanks to the Serve Moore team for welcoming us in and allowing us to help their people.  A truly great group of people in action.

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